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“Every time I have car problems check engine light , oil changes, tires new & used and electrical I know I can trust Figueroa technicians. When I pick up my vw car from the shop it runs like new and that’s a satisfying feeling. Customer service is great over the phone and when the tech is describing the problem about my car.”
Yvette G., San Jose, CA / YELP

“Good prices and services. Beto and his employees always do great work.”
Jose Aldaz / Google

“Needed an oil change for my car and found this place on yelp with good reviews. Im glad i did, great customer service! Oil change was quick for a weekend. Very satisfied! I definitely recommend this place!”
Mike Y., San Jose, CA / YELP

“Best service in Los Banos, from tire service to AC service. Prices are right and so is service”
Shauna Mathis / Google

“San Fransisco road trip ended up here on our way back to LA. Grrrrr but Figueroa Auto & Tires saved our lives!!! I can’t believe how quick these guys were. They all came to help my boyfriend & I.
We ended up having to get a new tire but that’s ok. We had to get it done to get back home. Totally wasn’t expected but THANK YOU!!!!
We were in & out within minutes (15 min)
When I initially called the guy was pleasant & helpful.
New tire cost $95 including labor.
Thank you thank you !!!!!”
Rose B., Los Angeles, CA / YELP

“Customer service is great they are very knowledge on question I’ve asked they’ve help me when I needed help with my cars.”
Martha Munoz / Google

“Speedy service today from the team at Figueroa after blowing out a tire on the I-5. I called MANY other tire service outfits in the area for quotes before finding the right product at the right price from Figueroa. We were in and out in 15 minutes. I cannot recommend this business enough, they saved our butts!”
Colette B., Oakland, CA / YELP

“These guys are awesome! Pulled into town and realized that one of my trailer tires was flat. They patched it up quickly and easily. Prices were very reasonable. All the guys working here were friendly and were all top notch. Highly recommended!”
Steve K., Los Angeles, CA / YELP

“Had a blown up tire on I-5 driving from LA to San Francisco. Luckily were close to Los banos, we lookup a tire with one big chain store and they told us about 3 hours wait time. I looked up another store on google and found Figueora Tire shop. They were amazingly helpful and fast. They were almost closing down at 7pm, but they accommodated us even at 655 pm , and got two of my tires replaced in 15 minute…. wow what a service. The technician Josh replaced our tires efficiently, for which I tipped him handsomely. Highly recommended.”
Matt A., Houston, TX / YELP

“I broke down on I-5. Got towed to Los Banos. I chose Figueroa because it had good Yelp reviews. Andrew Figueroa is an honorable man. He gave a fair estimate to replace the alternator. He installed the replacement alternator. That alternator failed. He ordered and installed a second alternator. That alternator tested bad. He ordered another alternator from a different supplier and installed that third alternator.
My car is working fine now.
I had my doubts when Figueroa said the replacement alternators were bad -TWICE! But as it turns out, I don’t blame Figueroa for faulty alternators. I blame the parts supplier. I praise Figueroa for sticking to his original estimate, even though he had to do the work three times.
No one wants to break down on the I-5, but if you do and you’re anywhere near Los Banos, I’d go to Figueroa for repairs.”
John D., Thousand Oaks, CA / YELP

“Great shop!!!! We were on a road trip hours from home when our cars tire pressure light came on. When we stopped to check it we could hear a hiss. Being in an unfamiliar town I jumped on Yelp to find a shop nearby. They were one of the only shops open on a Sunday afternoon!!! The crew were all very nice, very helpful and had us back on the road quick!!! Can’t say enough good things about them!!!”
Danna H., Watsonville, CA / YELP

“I was driving up Interstate 5 late Monday afternoon when I got a warning of low tire pressure. I got off at Los Banos (CA 152) and saw a small sign for Figueroa Tire as I went into town. I called them at about 5:40. They said come on in. I got there and the place was still quite busy. Within a few minutes they had the tire off my car, found a nail in it, took the tire off the rim and patched it. I was back on the road in less than 20 minutes from the time I arrived. They charged me $12. I left a $10 tip for the tech. Very happy to recommend these guys.”
Eric O., Glendora, CA / YELP

“I have taken my truck to this shop twice now and this is what I have found. The first time was for break problems. When they took a look at my truck they found the pads and rotors for the rear wheels needed to be replaced. When the work was done they charged me what they stated it would cost in the beginning, no surprises. Second time was for transmission problem. Again they found the problem and fixed it in a timely manner. If you like direct, honest, timely, and great customer service then go see Beto and his crew. I can and do reccomend this shop to anyone that needs work on there engine, transmission, or if you need used tires at a fair price.”
Chuck E., Los Banos, CA / YELP

“I got a flat tire and was really lucky to find Figueroa Tire. They immediately took care of me, checked the tire and gave me a new one and I was on my way within ten minutes. It could have been a nightmare and hours waiting for AAA to come and help me. These guys were honest and quick and I highly recommend them! Thanks for your help!”
Simona M., San Francisco, CA / YELP

“Very honest, fast service. Cost of repair; wasn’t overcharged I was happy with the quote I was give. I will be a returning customer. The work that was done is satisfactory and no problems after. Thank you! I made it too Iowa (1,800 miles to get there) to help my family and back home! Greatly appreciate your workers and repair shop!”
Dolly D., San Jose, CA / YELP

“These guys are great! I was about to be stranded with a leaking tire on a Sunday morning but when I pulled up someone ran right over and fixed me up on the spot. I am headed back on the road now after less than 20 minutes. Big thanks!”
Angela A., Walnut Creek, CA / YELP

“All employees are stand-up guys and know what their doing. They’re all really willing to help and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Their prices are really reasonable and I see that they are very friendly and go the extra mile with all customers. I would highly recommend this place to anyone needing service or repairs!”
Efrain F., Los Banos, CA / YELP

“These guys dont mess around. They get it done.”
A Google User